Refugee Week- Stories behind the stateless


Hi everyone! I am Miriam, a trainee at KRAN. We hope that you enjoyed our last blog. This time, our blog will be about one of the most important events – Refugee Week 

Did you know that 65.3 million people are forcibly displaced worldwide and that every minute 24 people leave their most beloved family members, friends, their ambition and careers behind to escape from bombs, war, persecution or terror? They have no choice for their own personal lives and the only way to survive is fleeing from their countries to seek safety and protection. These people are known as refugees. 

Every refugee has their own circumstances and story about their reasons for why they migrate. Furthermore, living in a different country is hard. They may face a lot of challenges such as stigma from the community, new language, housing problems, etc. Despite all of these difficulties, many of them have the potential to flourish and succeed contributing to the development of many aspects within our society.  

This year, Refugee Week will take place from Sunday 16- Saturday 22 June and the theme of this year is “You, me and those who came before”. This will be a great opportunity to consider the generations of refugees throughout history who have started new lives elsewhere. Also, this week is intended to celebrate the contribution of refugees to the United Kingdom and give community a better and more positive understanding of refugees who are less fortunate in life. They are refugees who come from different backgrounds, but it does not mean they are different. They should be treated equally and have the same rights to be supported and empathised with by the social community. However, in reality, some refugees and asylum seekers still experience racism or discrimination because of their different ethnicity. This may result in emotional and psychological harm to them. Therefore, Refugee Week is there to play an important role as it helps to shape people’s awareness of refugee and asylum seeker. 

During Refugee Week, KRAN has organised a screening of a charming film “Le Havre” which tells the tale of a community coming together to support a young refugee boy. We hope that this film can help us to deliver our message that the change in attitude of community can create a lot of difference to other’s lives. 

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