Miriam Nguyen – Trainee

Hi everyone! I am a trainee at KRAN. We have started a blog with an
aim to keep people inform of what we are doing and what we plan to do.
This is our first blog and we hope you will enjoy it.

Saturday at KRAN- What have we done?

Skills for life

We are aiming to help young people to live a more fulfilled and
successful life. KRAN organised a training session for interview
skills last Saturday. We were really pleased to have an opportunity to
work with Alex Mitchelmore. He is media Manager of IMIX- a limited
company and also a charity for migration, refugee protection and
integration groups.

Many young refugees and asylum seekers at KRAN have experienced of
interviews with BBC or local newspapers. We believe that it is such a
marvellous chance as they can share their life stories and send their
own messages to community which may help to evoke empathy and
understanding from society about refugees.

However, the most important interviews that our young refugees and
asylum seekers have to face are with the Home Office. This can create
a huge difference to their new start in England.  Therefore, a
well-prepared appearance and interview techniques are hugely important
and necessary for our young people.

Through the activity, our young people were taught from the most basic
rules when they take part in an interview such as: how to dress
smartly or how to express your opinions in an appropriate way to avoid
misleading, … We also had lots of fun together when doing practical
experiences. Individuals had a chance to become a guest of the “Alex
Mitchelmore’s Show” and experience a ladder of different feelings from
excitement to anxiety which brings to all of us lots of fun and useful

“Thank you KRAN for such a helpful activity. I have learned a lot from Alex.”

We hope that we can bring more and more useful activities to our young
people to help them to feel part of community and be more confident
when facing challenges.

Budgeting lesson- the preparation for young people leaving care

Have you ever thought about how much you spend per week or per month?
Research shows that London average cost for living expenses for one
single person is £756 excluding rent per month. This really expensive
especially for a young person without support from family. Therefore,
we come up with an idea of a budgeting lesson, with the aim to make
young people ready for independent life after leaving care.

Budgeting lesson is a part of KRAN’s “Learning for life” project
funded by AVIVA. From the lesson, young people will learn about
day-to-day management, or how to save money for long-term plans
through practical experiences and fun activities.

We believe that the upcoming budgeting lesson is essential for young
people to be more independent and confident on the pathway to success
and fulfillment.

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