Young Person in Helsinki

As part of the EU funded ‘Not just Numbers: Migration and Asylum Issues in Youth Work’ and ‘Celebrating Diversity’ Erasmus+ programme, organised by Step Europe and the Finnish National Agency for Education in Finland, three of our young people went with Fergus (KRAN’s Youth Case Support Worker) to Finland to participate in a 12 day residential.

This is Hermon’s blog on the trip.

I have been to visit finland for a week with KRAN. We had a training course on how to work with youth different background and cultures and also how to be more integrated with them to understand the people.

It was a great time we spent time with people from different culture, countries, languages and Western food.

I have learnt many things such as world or where we are living.  People don’t have the same life if you are part of these people or if you work with these people you need to know how to deal with these kind of problems, how can you give the best help to improve your work.

We had time going out, shopping, walking around the town and sometimes having dinner at restaurant and also going to the bar to meet local people have fun and I really liked it.

I liked that everything run on time with enough breaks make sure, because not lone was before any session we had energetic exercise to make us warm.

We also learnt from the people about their experience from their life, how they through passed in came to Europe as a refugee, immigrant and what happen to them.

I learnt that life is not easy in Europe, but that people still succeed.

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