Diary of a Young Asylum Seeker

A mentee from SRYP talks about the experience of going to university:

Moving to Bristol has been a very good change for me. It is a big experience living in a different environment. I am less supported here and that has made me be more independent.

I am away from people who are in similar situations to me and have met new people with different backgrounds and it helped me to improve my communication skills as i don’t have any other choice. I find it very interesting hanging around with different kinds of people, from different cultures, the food they eat, the entertainments they enjoy and more.

I have also joined the Christian Union at uni, I went there every Thursday evening, it is different from the normal Sunday church service. We play games, watch spiritual videos, share our life experience with each other, have cake time, worship and we have guest speakers. It is very helpful at the same time very fun!’

Her mentor visited her in her new home:

On a lovely sunny day at the end of October I came to Bristol to visit my mentee. We had planned this before she left Canterbury. I wanted to see how she had settled into her new flat, new city, new university, new part of the country. New life in fact! It’s a lot. It’s very different for me too, now that she’s no longer in Canterbury. After three years of being a mentor it’s very exciting that she’s moved on to the next phase in her life, studying animation at a well known college on the other side of the country. We’re in touch quite often – maybe even more often than we were when we lived near each other and I’m sure we’ll keep in contact. I want to know how she gets on at university and after that too.