Refugee week project- Daniel

You walk away from your house and your mother, without saying good-bye to your beloved young brothers and sisters.

You know they won’t let you go but you have no choice.

It’s painful if you stay or if you leave.

It’s the hardest decision you can make in your life

What should you do now or where can you go?

You wonder around, your body starting to shake,

Asking yourself ‘how do I escape and what happens if I get caught?’

You know this is going to be life or death and very dangerous but you will do it because living here is dangerous too.

At this young age I shouldn’t have to take this risk, but what should I do? You Tell me.

I have to keep my head down and my mouth shut to stay alive or my life is going to end short.

I escape from my motherland but it’s not over,

I must cross from one country to another with little food and no shower. A drop of water is barely enough to live.

To be in a safe place. Somewhere clean.

This is was what I was striving for, this was the dream.

I have never witnessed or experienced cruelty like the way I did, I did not feel human

I won’t tell you what I have seen, you would feel so ill.

Brother, Sister, Mother, Father, finally you are here and survived Europe, I know what you have lost on the on these long and dangerous journeys.

Me and you deserve a better life, to get the opportunity to educate ourselves.

I remember when I first arrived in Uk I was taken by the police officers and separated from the people I came with, all the way through the hard and dangerous journey.

I was sent from house to house, I felt broken, like a criminal.

I tried to get settled into this new country. Go and do my shopping, start new chapters in my life. But sometimes people treat you differently, because to them, I am different.

I can’t speak your mother language to explain my pain but can you read my face.

Everyone is full of falseness, told by the media that migrants are coming but they never find out why they are desperate to come.

Brothers and Sisters, I am good person.

Give me the opportunity and I’ll tell you everything, let me learn your mother language and I’ll promise you I am not the bad guy, I just want to be me.

I am not here to make trouble.

You have broken down a million times and still put yourself together again. Think about how amazing that is and how powerful you are.

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