The Youth Support, Outreach and Wellbeing Activities

The work of KRAN opens new opportunities for unaccompanied asylum-seeking youth. Young people who arrive in Kent struggle to find their way towards education and ultimately employment because they are blocked by low level of English language skill .

KRAN offers support services to help young asylum seekers to benefit from the opportunities that are available in Kent

  • Basic English language and budgeting skills training
  • Basic computer skills training
  • Brokering skills training with local training facilities, colleges and universities
  • Building apprenticeship opportunities for asylum seeking youth with local companies


The Youth Forum

This is a space where youth can come together to fix difficult issues that they face. Although KRAN offers a range of services that we think are useful to asylum seeking young people, these can be shaped by youth themselves to become more appropriate and useful.

Every young person has a unique set of circumstances and challenges. As time goes by, these change. The Youth Forum is an informal gathering of young people around what they want to do. We build this together with them.

Through discussion, the Youth Forum explores things that are important for them and looks at what they can do about it. We try to encourage them towards taking actions together to address issues, and reflect in what has happened.

The Youth Forum 

  1. Gets youth to organize around what they want to do. It puts them in charge
  2. Helps youth to form alliances with one other to try and tackle issues together
  3. Provides mutual solidarity between youth that carries on after the forum has closed for the day
  4. Generates evidence on the basis of youth own experience
  5. Creates recommendations to advise KRAN to offer services that they want.

KRAN launched Job Surgery

This is a support service for refugee young people seek a job. The Job Surgery is a basic employment readiness package that helps young people to

    • Open an email account, and establish the means to communicate with prospective employers
    • How to write a CV, documenting their education and skills, positioned towards work in the UK
    • How to find a job; guidance on how to navigate job advertisements on line and in the press
    • How to apply for a job; guidance on how to complete a convincing application
    • How to do a good interview; help on interview techniques
    • How to behave in work; guidance on work ethics and job behaviours
    • How to get supportive training; overview of training processes – before work and in work
    • How to deal with Social Services while transitioning to work; navigating social services to ensure that they maintain critical support while transitioning to employment

Wellbing Activities

KRAN offers a range of regular activities for young people to support their wellbeing, from Football in Folkestone, Ashford and Canterbury, Drama in Canterbury College, Art and music workshops with partner organisations. We also organise trips and outings to support learning and community engagement. If you have any ideas of opportunities for our young people to experience please contact us.