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To submit an application to become a member of Kran please complete this form and await confirmation.

Membership – a quick guide

You can be a member of KRAN by completing the form and once its approved by paying an annual subscription if it is applicable. You can receive all the benefits of being a member, but do not have voting rights unless you are 18 years old or older. All membership types are equal, a group must be a constituted group/organisations and can nominate a representative who would have one vote. Once approved members can pay online or by cheque or cash the membership subscription goes into  the general unrestricted fund to support activities for young people.

As a member you will be kept informed about KRAN and invited to events and activities. All members will be given a copy of the MAA so that they know what their rights are, a copy of the Annual Report and KRAN’s Strategic Plan as part of the Membership Information pack.

KRAN is a registered charity and company  limited by guarantee. It is  a membership organisation. New members have to approved by the Directors (Trustees) to be able to vote at the AGM ( Annual General Meeting). Members have to give 7 days notice if they wish to withdraw from being a Member and their Membership cannot be transferred to another party.There cannot be more than 15 months between each AGM.

At the AGM when guests sign in, if they are registered members and over 18 years of age they will be given a voting card and ballot paper in case there is a need to vote, and the MAA procedures will apply.

  • If a member wants to pass a resolution at the AGM , they have to give at least 21 days notice prior to the AGM to all members. Members can call for an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) which requires 14 days notice and has to be called by the majority of members with voting rights.
  • An AGM or EGM can only be held if there is a quorum.  For a meeting to be quarum it must consist of 10 members who are allowed to vote or 1/10 of the total number of members whichever is the lesser.
  • The Chair presides over the AGM , if they are unable to be present at the meeting the Directors ( Trustees ) can nominate from within the Trustees/Directors at the meeting.
  • A resolution put to a vote at an AGM shall be decided on a show of hands unless a poll is demanded by the Chair or at least 2 members, the Chair has the casting vote in addition to their own.
  • Members are not allowed to vote unless subscription monies have been paid and received by KRAN, if that is required for their membership.
  • A Director ( Trustee ) who has retired can be re-appointed.
  • The Directors ( Trustees ) can from time to time change the rules as they deem necessary to ensure the proper conduct & management of KRAN . They can lay down the conditions of Membership ,  in addition they also have jurisdiction over the conduct of members & employees of KRAN. The AGM has the power to alter , add or repeal the rules based on a vote.

Membership payment.

Membership for Refugees, Asylum Seekers, Students, Pensioners, Volunteers, Mentors and those on low incomes is free. If you are purchasing Individual or Group memberships please use the correct button below when your application has been confirmed.

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