Logo and awards

Kent Refugee Action Network is an independent charity that provides help and support to asylum seekers and refugees, including minors who have arrived in the United Kingdom unaccompanied by an adult.

Via an experienced dedicated team of voluntary and paid staff, we are proud to help this distressed, often vilified yet courageous and resourceful group of young people.

Our Vision

For young people seeking asylum and as refugees in the UK to be safe, belong and build hope for a better future

Our Mission

We work with young refugee and asylum seekers (RAS) who are striving to live fulfilled, independent and successful lives in our communities

Our Objectives

To be a resilient, responsive and a reflective learning organisation

To promote greater cohesion between our RAS young people and the wider communities

To enable our RAS young people to live fulfilled and independent lives

To recognise our RAS young people’s potential and support them to make progress in their ambitions

To prioritize the voice of our RAS young people

Download our strategic plan here

You can now become a paid member of KRAN entitling you to various benefits including voting rights. For more information see our Membership page.