What is KRAN?

KRAN was established in 2003 to support refugees and asylum seekers (RAS) in Kent. Over the past 15 years it has grown to develop a number of projects in response to the needs of young RAS. One of our first projects, which continues today, is the Mentoring partnership project matching local volunteers in the community with young people.

Education and independent living skills have been delivered for the past ten years through our Learning for Life project in Folkestone and Canterbury to support young people in their transition to college and other vocational pathways.

More recently, we have established an advocacy and support project to ensure that young people receive the best support and services as they go through the transition to life in the UK.

We continue to raise awareness about the challenges our young people face, develop opportunities for young people to engage with the local community and ensure that their voices are heard.


For young people seeking asylum and as refugees in the UK to be safe, belong and build hope for a better future


We work with young refugee and asylum seekers (RAS) who are striving to live fulfilled, independent and successful lives in our communities


KRAN to be resilient, responsive and a reflective learning organisation

To promote greater cohesion between our RAS young people and the wider communities

To enable our RAS young people to live fulfilled and independent lives

To recognize our RAS young people’s potential and support them to make progress in their ambitions

To prioritize the voice of our RAS young people

Annual Report

You can find our Annual Reports below

Annual Report 2017
Annual Report 2016
Annual Report 2018
Annual Report 2019