The KRAN School Support Programme works in partnership with Canterbury Schools to help refugees and asylum seekers aged 11 to 16 to successfully access mainstream education



Young refugees often have difficulty getting school places and then adjusting to the classroom environment; particularly if they have little previous educational experience. Our project aims to ease both these issues by preparing a young person before they enter school. This helps them to assimilate with greater ease and increases their chances of success in mainstream schooling.


We carry out assessments to determine the young peoples’ previous educational experience and functional skills levels and provide the pupils with access to the literacy, cultural and life skills they need to successfully access transition into statutory education.


The schools enhance and compliment this service, providing pupils who are ‘school ready’ with access to qualifications, vocational courses and opportunities for integration and enrichment activities.


Our provision is based at Canterbury Baptist Church, where students will have access to specialised KRAN school preparation and ESOL training. Classes run from 9am to 1pm, five days a week. Students will be regularly assessed and when ready will be introduced into the mainstream environment of the school. KRAN will provide classes for 30 young people with a varied timetable based on the individual needs and abilities of each pupil.


KRAN will run a drop-in service for young refugees with any concerns, a support group for foster carers and a buddying system within the schools. Pupils are matched with young people within the mainstream school to ensure a full and successful integration into the system.


For more information contact Anne Hardy, anne2@kran.org.uk



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