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Animation is a wonderful way for young people to have a voice while keeping themselves anonymous.

Kent Refugee Action Network’s Home to Home series of animation films were made by Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking teenagers at the Riverside Project, with the help of Animate and Create film company.


Kamran’s Story—Home to Home 2008

This was the first film ever made with Animate and Create and Kamran was the first young person to stand up and take the microphone. What you hear is the first take, unedited and recorded in one go. Kamran’s Film was nominated for the UNICEF Young People’s Audience Awards 2009 and went on to be included in the “Youth Producing Change” series of films shown in New York as part of the Human Rights Watch International Film Festival. Kamran travelled to New York and spoke about his film on television. Kamran’s reason for allowing his film to be shown worldwide?

“I hope that someone will see the film who knows my mother and where she is. Maybe they can help me.“

The making of Kamran’s film took place in the studios at Canterbury Christ Church University and was funded by Mediabox.

Zebra—Home to Home 2009

Four young women from Eritrea worked on this film which tells the story of Ruth and her reason for leaving her country. It was one of three films made at Kent Refugee Action Network’s Riverside Project and it was funded by Kent County Council’s Positive Activities for Young People Fund

This film won Best Film Award at the Young People’s Film Screening at the Swale Film Festival in 2010.

A New Chapter—Home to Home 2011

In this film three Afghan teenagers discuss what education means to them and their experiences of learning in Afghanistan and the UK.

The young people travelled to London to see it screened at the BFI as part of the 2012 Adobe Youth Voices Awards where it also won an award.

Science—Home to Home 2011

Young people arrive in the UK with hopes and aspirations and this is summed up in this short film made by a young Eritrean boy.

The film uses computer generated pictures drawn by the film maker.

This film was one of four films funded by Adobe Youth Voices (along with “A New Chapter”) and was made entirely at the Animate and Create studios in Whitstable. The young people appreciated being able to work in a workplace environment and bespoke studio space.