My Time in England

I arrived in England in January. I never feel cold in my life before. I do not like the weather but the people is very sweet my foster mom picked me up with her car, she talked to me like mammy way, when arrived home I meet my foster dad and my foster brother I am so happy cause I got family after living for two months in the jungle. They accept me as part of the family they provide me with good food and a roof for my head. I want to thank them for accepting me as part of the family; that’s nice of them.

After one week in England oh my God SNOW! I never saw snow in my life, I mean with my eyes, of course I saw it on TV of course. I was so excited. I went out with my foster dad we make snow man. Sometimes I remember my past and get stressed but I am so busy with my present.


Written by a young asylum seeker at the KRAN Riverside Project, as part of their ASDAN Bronze certificate. The Riverside Project provides young unaccompanied asylum seekers and refugees in Kent with English and life skills classes four days a week.