My KRAN BBQ and visit to a house of English people

I went a village near Canterbury for a BBQ with mentees and mentors from different countries. The BBQ was in the garden of a big house. The house was like a castle! It was very big and it had a big gate.

Inside the house was very big and so interesting because I saw lots of old things. The bedroom was very big and there was a balcony from the bathroom. In my country houses are very small and simple. Usually they have two bedrooms and the bathroom is outside. We don’t have a dining room or a kitchen everybody sleeps together in the same room. We sleep on the floor on sheepskins or sometimes sponge mattresses. In my village we didn’t have a garden near the house we had an orchard but faraway from the house.

At the BBQ I met the owner of the house and some English people. We talked about the house with the owner and I also talked about playing football in Canterbury, but some of the English people spoke too fast and I couldn’t understand.

I met a man from my culture with his wife and his child and we spoke in our language. We talked about English weather and how in one day it changes to four seasons, it is maybe raining or sunny or even snowy! I told him if his son stays in England it is going to be good for his language and if he goes back to his own country he doesn’t need to study English at school. The man told me he will go back in September.

In my future I would like to get married to a Kurdish wife and my son will speak Kurdish and English very well.